Our Staff

  • The Team

  • John Eager – Managing Director

    Multibuild must add value to our clients businesses. It is the only reason we should be there.

  • Miles – Director

    From the beginning, Multibuild has been built on producing excellent results for clients who we actually care about. They keep coming back, so I guess it just says it all.

  • Darren – Senior Project Manager

    The paper work has to be correct and in place from the start – the devil is in the detail every time

  • Chris – Project Manager/Sales

    I commence all projects with the intent of raising our client’s expectations of what we can achieve for them. My aim is to turn a good job into a great experience for everyone.

  • Helen – Office Manager

  • Rick – Senior Space Planner

    Multibuilds design goals are to stretch ourselves to provide the best of design options for our client. Going the obvious route is not an assumed option – it has to be the best decision for our client.