Watts McCray


Watts McCray is an established family and commercial law practice which has been in existence for over 25 years. They have three busy offices in Sydney, Parramatta and the Central Coast.

We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Multibuild over the past 20 years and know that we share similar values. We had outgrown our Parramatta office and our larger Sydney office desperately needed to be redesigned and refurbished so as not to disrupt conducting our daily business.

As it happened – these two sites needed to be completed within a two month period of each other so the decision to ask Multibuild to advise us was not a difficult one. We knew they would tell us what could reasonably be achieved.

Our Project Manager for both sites was the same person and I am delighted to say that both projects went seamlessly because of this PM. Everything we had asked for was exactly what we got  – we knew what the finished product would be. Any time blow outs would incur stiff penalties to our business so we were appreciative and relieved with the constant stream of information we received daily from our PM.

In the end everything added up as we had dreamed and hope for. We had no reason to expect anything else.

The agreed price had no blowouts other than extras we had requested and the delivery times were exact to the hour that had been scheduled. We are proud and delighted with the end results for both premises and are happy to recommend Multibuilds services to any corporate entity.