Operable Walls – NSW ONLY

What is an operable wall?

Operable walls are a clever means of dividing a room or space so that it can become multifunctional rather than singular in its use. The se panelling systems provide a flexible permanent and temporary solution to maximising room space.

Eg. Board rooms can be divided into two separate functioning areas or be opened up to provide one large meeting room.

Operable walls are constructed by joining a series of tailor-made panels for your particular room dimensions.

They can be acoustically rated to diminish sound transfer from one room to the other. The higher the sound rating, the greater the ability to mask sound.

Operable walls can be finished in a variety of surface finishes to suit their function.

Ie Educational  facilities now use white high gloss laminates that become white boards as well as an interactive textured fabric that enables pin boarding to take place.

Restaurants will use designer fabrics and vinyls to create a design highlight. Board rooms can use a mix of fabric and white board which assist with presentations.

If regularly serviced, operable walls are an investment in your business that will provide you with a minimum of 15 years of use. Go the Products Page to check out our range of products.