Board Room Design

The development of new technologies has radically changed the way board rooms are perceived and operate.

As the new technology options are endless and overwhelming, it is good to keep a level head and work to your key business requirements and decide on a budget and work with it.

Your new Boardroom represents you and your company to some of your most important contacts. It needs to reflect the style and efficiencies that you value, and it also needs to make an effective first impression statement.

Designing this room and the furniture to go in it, with the correct infrastructure, is a serious challenge but one which Multibuild specialises in.

Successful boardroom design allows for first impressions but also multiple functionality geared to your specific business. While it is still the meeting place for the company board or senior management, the Boardroom may also be:

  • The prime place for technologically driven communication and presentation
  • The key for closing deals with prospective clients
  • The place where your company can present itself and sell your company’s values and ethics.
  • A cost effective  in-house place for training staff and management
  • A place to entertain and inform clients, suppliers and staff

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