Sound Masking

Sound Masking & Conditioning in Sydney

Your Networked Solution for Speech Privacy and Noise Control

Understanding Sound Masking

Most Australians work in open plan offices featuring partial height panels. Traditional walls have given way to modular furniture systems, more employees use the same space, and everyone is seated closer together. But this might all go in vain without sound masking in Sydney.

These modular systems make better use of space and improve communication flow, but they’re an acoustical challenge.

That may seem like a good thing – and to some extent, it is – but without background sound, it’s easier to hear the distracting activities happening around your desk.

Disruptive noises and conversations make tasks harder to complete. Errors happen more often. That adds to stress.

A sound masking system helps to address these problems by distributing a comfortable, engineered background sound throughout your workplace.

How do you use sound to cover up sound?

Sound masking creates a noise floor high enough to mask unwanted noises, and low enough for comfort. It works because the human ear can’t separate, or distinguish, sounds of similar volume and frequency.

So, you can reduce distractions and achieve privacy. A more consistent sound volume across your facility also makes it feel quieter.  Movements from one area to another become less disruptive.

How is the solution implemented?

A sound masking system uses loudspeakers to distribute a comfortable, engineered background sound. This makes it difficult to hear incidental noises or conversations.

The LogiSon Acoustic Network’s loudspeakers are usually installed in a grid-like pattern above the ceiling tiles.

You can control the Network from a central control panel (shown below) or a computer. If you need on-demand audio control in private offices or meeting rooms, you can install keypads and remote controls.

If you’d like to page employees (selectively, or across a wide area), or even provide music, you can do both through the same set of loudspeakers. The Network also protects against eavesdropping and electronic espionage by employing multiple independent sound generators.

In short, the LogiSon Acoustic Network is a complete audio package.

Which industries can use sound masking in Sydney?

  • Call Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Hotels
  • Libraries
  • Law firms
  • Military
  • Banking Finance
  • Education /Schools
  • Churches and Worship

For further information see our dedicated sound masking website

The Benefits of Sound Masking

The majority of Australians perform their work duties in offices with an open plan and partial height panels. Systems of modular furniture have replaced traditional walls, allowing more employees to utilise the same space and, as a result, everyone finds themselves in close proximity to one another, especially in the confines of Sydney’s busy city.

While this presents a great environment to use a space to it’s greatest potential and maximise the flow of communication, it does present a challenge acoustically—and this is where sound masking in Sydney comes into play.

Introducing background sound to the environment gives the space an element of sound conditioning that can ultimately increase productivity due to the numerous benefits it provides. With sound conditioning in Sydney, the distracting noises of other employees’ chatter and various other sounds can be drowned out.

The various activities that occur in your workspace create a multitude of disruptive noises, which can result in more mistakes on your part and an increase in your stress levels. Sound masking presents a solution to this problem by producing background noise to send throughout the environment that is comfortable to employees and makes the other distracting noises indistinguishable.

The key is that the sound needs to be loud enough for it to be able to mask those unfavorable noises, but quit enough that it is comfortable to everyone in the work environment. This is effective because the human ear is unable to pick out sounds that are close in frequency and volume.

This reduction of distractions that results from sound conditioning grants a sense of privacy to employees and makes the environment feel quieter; the activities of fellow employees become less distracting.

In sound masking, loudspeakers emit a comfortable background noise throughout the environment, effectively masking others’ conversations. The network, installed above ceiling tiles, can be controlled from a computer, a central panel, keypads or remote controls. The same loudspeaker can also play music or be used to page employees. Having a number of sound generators independent of one another protects from eavesdropping, too.

With all these benefits, it’s clear why sound conditioning in Sydney is useful to a number of industries, including churches, schools, banks, military, libraries, hotels, clinics, hospitals and call centres in your busy Sydney area.